Small Lid Birdhouses

Small Lid Example A smaller version of our Large Lid model, this sweet little house has a 1 1/8" entry and 4" diameter interior space that are just right for the smaller birds like wrens and chickadees. The round shape mimics a hollow tree cavity where these birds prefer to nest. It's made of salvaged Western Red cedar; an old pan lid serves as the roof. (A " wood liner under the lid protects the nesting area from any heat buildup.) Lighting fixture parts add decorative accents to the roof and/or house body.

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small lid 03883

# 03-8-83
The body of this house is blue with a tan top coat for a subtle two-tone effect. The lid is a cream-colored cookware lid with a gray, tan and pink floral design.
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small lid 03871

# 03-8-71
The strawberry leaves on the cookware lid of this house match the moss-colored body paint. The base color of the lid is off-white, with red strawberries.
Number in stock: 1
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