Rustic Birdhouses

Rustic House Example This charming rustic house with a 1 " entry and 5" x 5" interior space is designed for swallows and bluebirds. Salvaged chandelier trim around the entry compliments the rough cedar exterior and also acts as a deterrent to squirrels, which sometimes try to gain entry by gnawing on the wood around the hole. Roof material may be cedar, or recycled asphalt shingles over exterior plywood.


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rustic 00227

# 00-2-27
A colorful metal daisy covers the predator guard on this house, which is made of reclaimed cedar. The roof is painted a rich, weathered brown, with a black metal ridge.
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rustic 00228

# 00-2-28
This house is made of weathered barn-red cedar with a moss green roof and white wooden ridge. The metal accent piece at the roof apex matches the gold and white metal predator guard.
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rustic 00225

# 00-2-25
The body and roof of this house are made of salvaged cedar, and a metal ceiling fan part serves as a predator guard. The roof color is a weathered kelly green.
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