Large Lid Birdhouses

Large Lid Example One of our best sellers, this round birdhouse is made of salvaged Western Red cedar and features an old pan lid for the roof. (A " wood liner under the lid protects the nesting area from any heat buildup.) Light fixture parts add a decorative accent to the roof and/or house body. The 5" diameter interior space and 1" entry makes this house suitable as a home for medium-sized cavity-nesting birds. Smaller birds such as wrens and chickadees may also use it.


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large lid 03340

# 03-3-40
Painted green with orange highlights, the body color of this house echoes the color of the copper-colored cookware lid.
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large lid 03328

# 03-3-28
This house features wine-colored paint with a sponged tan top coat for a two-tone effect on the body. The roof is a black cookware lid, along with several exterior light fixture parts, one of which echoes the body color.
Number in stock: 1
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