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sample temple style birdhouse Our charming, unusual birdhouses, handmade by Carol Garringer in Eugene, OR, are built from original designs incorporating vintage and recycled building materials. Many of our styles are examples of repurposing, where salvaged materials once destined for the landfill are combined and transformed into innovative, usable objects.

Our products are designed to please the bird and gardener alike, so whether you're an avid birder or just someone who enjoys the pleasure that birds bring to the garden, The Artisan's Garden has a unique yet functional work of art for your landscape.

What's new: We've just completed a few custom projects, including our first bat house. We also have some new designs in our bird feeder product line. For the fall/winter season, Carol has created three original feeder designs which, as always, use recycled and reclaimed materials as much as possible.

More on our unique birdhouses...

Carol Garringer

Our birdhouses are designed to be used by many cavity-nesting North American birds such as wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers, swallows and bluebirds. Designs include small and large "lid" houses (using cast-off cookware lids), "temple" houses (utilizing vintage light fixtures and chandelier parts), privy houses (using weathered wood) and rustic nesting houses, accented with salvaged trim.

We also craft custom designs for clients, creating birdhouse replicas of their homes or other structures, right down to matching the paint colors.

Click here to download a brief article (PDF format), written by birdhouse artist Carol Garringer, that can help you choose the right birdhouse for your garden. Also see our FAQ page for much more information about birdhouse ownership and maintenance.